Sacramento’s Michael Malone really wants the Kings to be like the Spurs

It’s not uncommon for many, and I mean many NBA teams trying to duplicate the sustained success of the San Antonio Spurs. Season after season, the Spurs contend for the title and even captured their fifth NBA crown this past season.

Whether it be teams hiring some of their front office people like the Thunder did with Sam Presti to hiring Spurs’ assistant coaches like Atlanta did with Mike Budenholzer.

Then there is the Kings and their head coach Michael Malone who really wants Sacramento to be exactly like the Spurs.

Malone just heaped praise about the Spurs’ system and what it took for the team to win it all again. And it is exactly what Malone sees in San Antonio is what he wants to see in Sacramento.

Via Sacbee.com

“I don’t care who we have on the court next year, our whole mindset has to be make a play for your teammate,” Malone said. “Instead of holding it, holding it and holding it, it’s got to be make a play for your teammate. The Spurs did that the best this year and they won (the championship), and that’s something we need to do a much better job of next year.”

Team work. It is just that simple. And it is this simplicity that the NBA and the world saw in the 2014 NBA Finals versus the Heat as San Antonio carved up Miami’s defense in five games.

The Kings have a long road to go if they want to be like the Spurs. They need a more complete team, players who leave their egos at the door, and team continuity to develop team chemistry.

Something Malone sees.

“It’s Tony Parker, it’s Manu Ginobili, it’s Boris Diaw, it’s Marco Belinelli, it’s Patty Mills,” Malone said. “They have basketball players. They have guys that can make a shot when they’re open. If they’re not open, they can make a play for a teammate and drive, they can pass.”