S.P.U.R.S. Need a Win Tonight

Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals is tonight and the San Antonio Spurs have the opportunity to send the Portland Trail Blazers on vacation.

Let’s face it, tonight’s game can’t really be classified as a must win, but there are five reasons the Spurs need to win.

S– Spark continues: Since game 7 of the first round against Dallas the Spurs have been on fire. Their bench has been looking like the bench we watched all season, and the starters are continuing to do a great job of leading the team to a victory. Players such as Danny Green, Patty Mills, Boris Diaw and Marco Belinelli have been on fire since game 7 and we certainly don’t want that spark to disappear before the next round.

P– Prepare: With our potential opponent’s series tied at 2-2, the Spurs face a formidable team. With our series wrapping up as early as it could and their series going a little longer, the extra days would give the Spurs a little more time to size up either OKC or the Clippers. The Thunder is a force to be reckoned with, but then again so are the Spurs. The Clippers are also showing that they have the willpower and fight to power through after the recent controversy that surrounds the team and its ownership. Either team promises to be a challenge for the Spurs so a couple days off more than the upcoming opponent would be ideal to prepare.

U– Unnecessary games: These games are the scariest. *cough last year’s finals cough.* If the Spurs are unable to take care of business in game 4, it means a trip back here to San Antonio for a game 5. However, anything can happen. It’s the playoffs. It would be in the Spurs best interest to wrap things up tonight so there is no room for error in future games.

R– Rest: The second half of the first round and this round have been on an every-other-day game schedule. After going all the way to 7 games in the first round, the Spurs deserve a little break before having to face either OKC or the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals. Pop was smart in resting Parker and Duncan toward the end of the regular season, but I know that a few days more of rest in between games would be welcomed by the team, especially after the crazy travel schedule.

S– Sweep: This one’s pretty easy. Tonight’s game would be a SWEEP!!!! The Spurs would be returning to a place that they are familiar with after last year’s playoff run. And, who doesn’t love a good sweep? Well, maybe not the opposing team or the NBA for obvious reasons, but I know the fans love a good sweep! So have your brooms ready Spurs fans, hopefully you’ll need them tonight. Oh, and who can forget free coffee on the way to work or school the morning after a very late game? Especially for someone like me with an 8:30a.m. accounting final. Free coffee would be greatly appreciated, Spurs.

It’s another late game tonight. Tip off is schedule for 9:30 Central Time. So grab that extra soda at dinner or coffee afterwards and stay up to watch your San Antonio Spurs hopefully sweep the Portland Trail Blazers.