Rumor: Spurs to open season on road vs. LeBron, Cavaliers?

In a Sunday article of the Boston Globe, writer Gary Washburn had a small note in his “Layups” section of his article about a rumor he’s hearing predicting how the San Antonio Spurs will open the 2014-15 regular season, and that could possibly be on the road.

Rumor has it that the NBA’s season-opening game on TNT will be San Antonio at Cleveland, the first home game for LeBron James in his return to Cleveland and the first game for the defending NBA champion Spurs.

With the Spurs winning the 2014 NBA Championship, it’s uncommon that the ring ceremony would be delayed until the second game of the season at the AT&T Center, but with James heading to Cleveland, and the possibility of the Cavaliers trading for All-Star Kevin Love, there would be an appeal from a marketing perspective.

You’d have the defending champions who brought back all but one member of their roster, taking on the “King” in James, as he’s about to begin his new journey with notable names like Kyrie Irving and either Andrew Wiggins or Love, depending on if a trade shakes out.

Again, this is just one “rumor” about the opening game of the season, and there’s still quite a while before the actual NBA schedule does come out.

Paul Garcia

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