Roger Mason on experience with Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have seen players express their discontent of the way the team has utilized them in the past. Here's looking at you DeJuan Blair and Stephen Jackson. However, one player has nothing but positives to say about the team.

While he was with the Spurs, he became a fan favorite with his gunslinger like shot and his actions after nailing a three on an opponent.  Remember that leg slap to his side?

Roger Mason Jr. took the time to talk with Bill Schoening, Spurs radio personality, and talked about the experience he had when he was playing in San Antonio.

"Overall, it was a great experience", says Mason, "The teammates I had with the Spurs I will always consider friends. I learned a ton of basketball from Coach Pop, Brett Brown, and Coach Bud (Mike Budenholzer). It doesn't surprise me at all that Brett and Bud are now head coaches. Coach Pop always has heady assistants who are more than capable of heading their own programs."

Mason now with the Miami Heat, played two seasons with the San Antonio Spurs when he signed a free-agent deal back in July of 2008.  He averaged nine points per game and shot just over 40% from beyond the arc.

It never seems to get old when former players talk about how being with this organization has helped them in furthering their careers.

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