Retro Diary: Spurs-Mavericks, Game 7

We shouldn’t be here.

Game 7 should’ve been Games 1 through 4 combined, and the San Antonio Spurs should be well rested and ready for the hell they’re about to endure against Portland. But playoff basketball doesn’t work that way, and these playoffs sure haven’t fit any predictable script we’re used to. In honor of last night’s case of #BEATEMDOWN, it’s time to relive the glory of Game 7.


I wanted to get excited after seeing this tweet, but then I remembered, the Spurs are a world class organization for a reason. They know if they win, the turnaround for Game 1 on Tuesday leaves very little preparation time. So of course these are already printed just in case. But still, it’s fun to think the Spurs used this a psychological tool to ram everything they had down the Mavs throat.

1st quarter, 10:36 Danny Green hits a three with Shawn Marion in his grill. In true Danny Green form, he’s finally showed up the last couple of games, and has now made 10 consecutive shots. IcyHot has never been a more accurate nickname.

5:46 DeJuan Blair checks in the game for Dalembert, and instantly rebounds Kawhi Leonard’s missed free throw. Spurs fans boo him the moment he touches the ball. That’s what this has come to. The way Cavs fans treat LeBron when he returns to Cleveland, the way Lakers fans treat Dwight Howard when he enters Staples Center, is how we treat DeJuan freaking Blair in San Antonio.

1:59 Rick Carlisle gets a technical foul.

0:31.6 Tony Parker hits DeJuan Blair with a quantum crossover and trash talks Blair all the way up the court, drawing the technical. Apparently TP was just telling DeJuan, “Not today” over and over again. I’m gonna pretend Tony was asking DeJuan how do his beignets taste.

0:06 11th consecutive make for Danny Green. Spurs shoot 68% in the first quarter, helping them establish a 12-point lead that’s only about to grow.

2nd quarter, 9:19 #NSFW.

7:52 Danny Green just drove into the lane and met Dirk at the rim for layup. Finish your drink. That’s also 12 straight makes for IcyHot.

7:21 Boris Diaw just went full Hakeem Olajuwon on Vince Carter. But with Diaw, it’s more of an Ice Cream Shake instead of a Dream Shake.

6:24 Manu Ginobili’s secret to his success? He’s beezin‘.

0:00 Mavericks finish the last 1:45 of the second quarter on a 9-2 run to cut San Antonio’s lead from 29 to 22, thanks to the combination of Devin Harris and Dirk Nowitzki. Tony Parker went 9-12 with 24 points in the first half, which is just absolutely insane, considering how well Dallas has played TP defensively through six games.

3rd quarter, 7:54 I was debating adding a halftime dance break to this post, like I did with Game 1’s Retro Diary. By “debating” I mean, I’ve literally spent the last 30 minutes watching YouTube videos and just noticed the Spurs lead has been cut to 14. I take full responsibility for my actions.

3:26 Another flagrant foul on the Mavericks while the Spurs are up 20. You gotta start thinking that Carlisle is just telling his players at this point, if you can’t beat them, then physically beat the crap out of them. Which I can’t be mad at, because we’ve all been there. You’re playing NBA 2K with a friend. You can’t make a shot, meanwhile, he’s playing full court defense and stealing every single outlet pass and driving it in for a layup. You smash the intentional foul button because you’re pissed off. There needs to be a flagrant foul button in next year’s game. Just hit X and Y together and the worst guy on your team comes off the bench and flying kicks their star player in the face. Make it happen, 2K Sports.

Somewhere in the middle of the 4th quarter: The Spurs are flirting with a 30-point lead, yet Gregg Popovich treats his stars like an ex-wife you just saw out in public. Don’t break concentration. You’re busy not giving a damn.

3:51 Jeff Ayres just entered the game. Fin.

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