Report: Spurs Cautious About Raiders in San Antonio

Being the center of attention can mean a lot.

There’s a reason why the Green Bay Packers are one of the most successful franchises in all of pro sports. As the only NFL football team in Wisconsin, even in a tiny city (by NFL standards), the Packers have captured the most league championships, thirteen, including four Super Bowl titles.

Imagine a small town like that bringing in a professional basketball, hockey, baseball, or soccer team. The complications could run rampant. Or not. There are just so many moving parts.

It may speak as to why Los Angeles has never been able to keep a football team in the City of Angels.

It may also speak as to why Spurs Sports and Entertainment, according to reports, is concerned about the future of the Spurs financially shall the Oakland Raiders make the move down south.

Last month, Raiders’ owner Mark Davis met with San Antonio officials about the possibilities of relocating. While there has been much speculation that the Raiders are using the city of San Antonio as a bargaining chip to move along from O.co stadium, a 47-year old stadium with which they share with MLB’s Oakland Athletics, SS&E isn’t taking any chance should the plan actually fall through. That is why SS&E believes it would make sense if they owned a controlling interest in the Raiders.

“We have developed a successful culture under the leadership of Peter Holt and have 20- to 25-year employees who have the ability to manage both franchises and help lower the overall cost of running an NFL team,” SS&E shareholder Charlie Amato described. “(The Spurs’ control) would make it more affordable and more appealing to the San Antonio market.”

Spurs Sports and Entertainment have done a fantastic job controlling the interests of the San Antonio Spurs, Stars, and Rampage, while taking the entire city of San Antonio into account. It speaks to how successful the Spurs have been during their run in the Alamo City.

For a Raiders team that hasn’t even sniffed the postseason since 2002, a proven controlling group might be the best thing that’s happened to the other silver and black.

However, this isn’t the first time that rumors of the Raiders moving have arose. A return to Los Angeles has been floated around, as well as relocation to Portland, Oregon, a city that is definitely big enough to carry the Raiders, Trail Blazers, and Timbers.

Regardless of the outcome, this is a move that could affect the landscape of not just the NFL, but also every other major professional sport in the United States.

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