R.C. Buford lists his non-negotiable, deal-breakers when looking at potential Spurs players

Want a spot on the San Antonio Spurs roster? Well, you might want to read what Spurs G.M. R.C. Buford keeps in mind when he is looking for new talent.

The 2014 NBA Executive of the Year has been masterful at retooling the Spurs and keeping them competitive year in and year out. Buford finds the right type of players to surround their core of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker. Whether it be players other teams passed on such as Patty Mills, or Danny Green, R.C. finds the right players to fill the roster.

However, Buford does have a list of expectations and non-negotiable, deal-breakers that will get a prospective player out of the Spurs’ radar.

Via NY Post:

“We have a specific list of deal-breakers that are non-negotiable,’’ Buford said. “If players want New York or LA, they’re not going to come here. … If someone’s more interested in winning scoring titles, this probably isn’t the place for them.”

In other words, it’s all about the team and not the individual in San Antonio.

And it is this approach when looking at potential players is what has kept the Spurs in title contention.

Just take San Antonio’s march to the 2014 NBA title. The world saw a display of pure team basketball. The team constantly passed the ball, every one got touches, and no one player dominated games. Duncan scored his points, Kawhi Leonard got his touches, while Mills and Green were trusted by the team’s stars to put the ball in the bucket.

Not one play on their championship squad were chasing individual honors. They were chasing the NBA crown as a team.

The proof is in the pudding down in the Alamo City.

And as the NBA offseason marches on, players interested in playing for San Antonio now know what it will take to wear the silver and black.