Postgame chat with Miami’s Udonis Haslem

AT&T CENTER – The San Antonio Spurs saw their home court advantage vanish as they lost Game 2 of the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat 98 to 96. Now with the series tied heading to Miami for Game 3, the Spurs have a tall task in front of them to get back to how they won Game 1.

After the game, Miami’s Udonis Haslem spoke with Project Spurs about the Heat’s big win in Game 2.

Jeff: What was the difference between Game 1 to Game 2 for Miami?

Udnois: We closed out down the stretch. In Game 1 we weren’t able to get stops down the stretch. This game, we were able to get stops down the stretch, get rebounds and close it out.

Talk about the role players for Miami in this Game 2 win.

You know, we got a lot of different guys who can step up in any given night. We knew coming in here to get a win, it was going to take a complete team effort.

Now that the series is tied heading into Miami, how huge is that?

It’s one step at a time. We understand what we did to make strides tonight. We can’t relax. We still made mistakes and we still got to get better.

Despite the win, are there any tweaks needed for the Heat for Game 3?

Just keep working on our defense. Offensively we are explosive, we got guys that can make shots, and can make plays. We got to keep defending.

Talk about the play of LeBron James in Game 2.

He’s the best player in the world. When he plays like that, all we got to do is fall in line.

Was the focus of tonight’s game plan was to cut off the head of the snake for the Spurs — Tony Parker?

No. Obviously, it was to keep him out of the paint and make those guys shoot over us and take away anything from Tim Duncan. Rebound and get ot on the break.