Phil Jackson bashes All Star Game, praises Spurs

Former NBA coach Phil Jackson has never been one to hold back his feelings. 

While in the NBA, he took pot-shots at the San Antonio Spurs. From proclaiming the San Antonio's 1999 NBA title needed an asterisk because of the lockout shortened season to referring to the Spurs' offense as "Brokeback Mountain" in 2007, Phil has made sure to let his feelings known about the Spurs.

So it should come to a small surprise that Jackson actually praised San Antonio for their team game unlike what was on display during the 2014 NBA All Star Game.

There you have it Spurs fans.

Granted, Jackson made those disparaging comments back when the Spurs-Lakers rivalry was at its highest but he has been away from the game for a while now and perhaps he has had a change of heart. He did pick the Spurs to beat the Heat in last season's NBA Finals afterall.

Thoughts Spurs fans?