Tony Parker weighs in on Finals, ankle injury

Everyone’s heart stopped for a split second during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals as word came out that San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker was not going to return to the game because of an ankle injury.

The injury was one that Parker has been playing through since the Spurs’ first round matchup against the Dallas Mavericks. Parker recently talked about the injury on his official website.

“I twisted my ankle in Game 4 of the first round against Dallas. I continued to play with the pain and I again twisted his ankle in Game 4 of the conference finals against Oklahoma City. I gritted my teeth, I did not want to abandon my teammates. But the pain was too strong in the sixth game , I could not really play anymore.”

Many might question  Parker on the chance of injuring himself more.  With as deep a bench as the Spurs are fortunate to have with Patty Mills, Cory Joseph and Manu Ginobili to fill the void, the decision to sit Parker the remainder of the game was an obvious one, even if it was during a potential closeout game.

With the NBA Finals just a few days away, Parker silenced speculation on whether or not he would be in a Spurs uniform or a three piece suit on the sidelines for Game 1.

“Today, I spend my days treat me. But the good news is that I will play the first match of the final Thursday against the Heat. I may not be 100% but I ‘ll be there”.

Parker also talked about the chance of avenging the Spurs’ 2013 NBA Finals loss now that both teams have made it back.

“We are happy to be back in the NBA Finals . It’s hard to get there, or very rare. I can not wait to start . San Antonio -Miami is a little dream final . We often talk to me about our lost last year’s final but for me , I think no more . That is why this final has no taste for revenge on me . This is a new season with a new finish. This is nothing to me”.

Parker’s injury could play a big part in this series. If he can remain healthy, penetrate through and cause problems for Miami’s defense, he could give the Spurs a greater chance of making 2013 a distant memory.

Michael Rehome

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