Parker restates how much longer he intends to play in NBA

Growing up as a fan of your favorite team, you come across players that you fall in love with and wish they could stay in your team colors for the rest of their career.  We all have been there.  I for one grew up as a fan of the Chicago Bulls when a player by the name of Michael Jordan got drafted.  To this day he is considerd the best player to ever grace the floor.

He though, could not continue.  We all at one point will get older which means, it is time to hang it up, give our body the rest in which it deserves.  For Michael Jordan, being on the Chicago Bulls, they did not just play 82 games a season, it was well more than that.  The beatings in the regular season and playoffs takes a toll on your body and as fans we don't want to ever here our favorites say the word, retirement.

It happens.

San Antonio Spurs All-Star point guard Tony Parker has seen season that are not at just 82 games, his body gets battered, bruised, tossed around.  He though expressed that he would like to finish his career in France, but would like to play as long as he could in the NBA.

French Website BFMT, stated when Tony Parker was on the TP Show on RMC, he stated that he is targetting six or seven more years in the NBA.

"I always said I'd like to do the final year of my career in France, but I still want to play a long time in the NBA for six-seven years, he announced. I would like to have a long career. I feel good physically. I love basketball, I'm passionate. I want to play as long as possible. "

What are your thoughts Spurs fans? Are you satisfied with hearing this news from Parker or would you rather see him play more than the years he stated?

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