Parker named President of ASVEL

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has been named the President of the French basketball team ASVEL Villeurbanne, according to a release by the team early Monday morning.

Parker answered a few questions in the release and in his answers, he said during the NBA offseason, he’ll have a General Manager run the team in France. Parker also mentioned former Spur Michael Finley and former NBA player Corey Maggette as two investors in the team.

Parker said it’s always been one of his childhood dreams to run a basketball team.

“I’ve always had this desire and sense of management. Since childhood, Gaëtan, we talk and say that it must be exciting to manage a club, there is so much to do. And it is true that for a while, I do not think at that! My fiancee has even made fun of me for the NBA finals because she said I was thinking more ASVEL at the final

Though this comes from a French translation, according to Parker, there could be a potential working relationship between the Spurs and ASVEL.

“Yes, of course. The next season, with the agreement of Peter Vincent, an assistant Spurs will be at Villeurbanne to the link between the two clubs. My ambition is to play for ASVEL San Antonio next two to three years. “

In Parker’s final question and answer, he confirmed that his intent is to finish his playing career with ASVEL once his career with the Spurs is over.

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