Nice Kicks: Sole Access – Inside the Spurs Locker Room

Ever wondered how basketball players pick their shoes throughout the season? Or if your favorite players are as big of sneakerheads as you think?

The guys over at Nice Kicks in Austin, Texas have started their Sole Access series, where they go inside professional and collegiate teams locker rooms (and in this case, also the practice facility) to see how the day-to-day operation goes for Spurs equipment manager and owner of quite possibily the greatest job in the world, Travis Wade.

Travis gives us an exclusive look on how he prepares for home games, road trips, practice, and gives a little background on each players individual shoes selection based on what jerseys (the Spurs have six) they're wearing.

Some fun facts from the video, which are probably only fun and interesting to me:

  • Tim Duncan's Adidas are as boring and fundamentally sound as he is.
  • Tony Parker's Peak shoes are surprisingly detailed for not being so flashy. And "Team Peak" as Travis calls them, makes sure to take care of their athletes. Probably why guys like former Spur George Hill and Shane Battier are making the switch to the Chinese sportswear company.
  • Travis mentions that Manu likes a heavier shoe, because of how he stops on the court, he prefers the "durability" of his leather model. Yeah. Durability. It's worth noting that Ginobili has gone back to LeBron's signature shoe, wearing the XI's Graffiti's last night.
  • Kawhi Leonard has like 2038502835095 pairs of Jordan's. Must be nice to be a Jordan Brand athlete.
  • The Spurs practice facility is a sneaker mecca. When I die, bury me inside that locker room. Word to 2 Chainz.

Check out the video after the jump.

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