New Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy looking to Popovich and Buford for advice

The new head coach and President of Basketball Operations for the Detroit Pistons, Stan Van Gundy, comes in with a successful NBA record.

He guided the Magic to multiple postseason appearances, led them to the NBA Finals, and had Orlando among the top teams in the East before the free agency drama with Dwight Howard ultimately sealed his future with the Magic.

Now that he is back in the NBA and looking to turn a young Detroit squad into a power in the East, he is looking to turn to San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and GM R.C. Buford for advice on how to create a winning formula between GM and head coach.

Like many before Van Gundy, the Spurs’ brain trust of Pop and R.C. have been the blueprint for success on and off the court. Take the Thunder’s GM Sam Presti and coach Scott Brooks. The duo brought success to OKC and have the team consistently among the top teams in the West and a perennial title contender.

Van Gundy has how work cut out for him in Detroit (especially with the current roster) but he is expecting the front office and coaching staff to be on the same page.

“One of the big problems at least in our league right now in a lot of places is there is not a great connection necessarily between front office and coaching,” Van Gundy said. “This setup — nothing to do with power — it allows us to really create a tremendous synergy and a very unified organization.”

A very unified organization. Sounds like the Spurs to me.