Nets’ Deron Williams says Duncan, Garnett preeminent power forwards of this NBA era

In this modern era of the NBA, San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan has been crowned the best power forward ever. However, Nets' Kevin Garnett has also been named one of the best at the forward position which has stirred debate as to which is the best.

Nets' Deron Williams recently weighed in on the topic and took the diplomatic approach saying both are the best at their position of this NBA generation.

There is no doubt both are two of the best forwards in NBA history but is there really any question that TD is the better of the two?

KG has won one title with Boston after being traded from Minnesota. He teamed with Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo and the trio made the Celtics a title contender for many seasons. However, TD has done much more on one team for his entire career.

Four NBA titles alone should give Duncan the nod over KG as to who is the better of the players. If that isn't enough, Duncan has done more on one team than KG has.

When they met in the postseason (when KG was playing in the West) Duncan outshined him, leading the Spurs over the Timberwolves in playoff series.

There is no doubt Garnett is Hall of Fame bound but when it comes to Duncan, it might be safe to say Garnett is a distant second.

What are your thoughts Spurs fans?