NBA may be more top-heavy than ever before

The National Basketball Association not only has seen a change of guards as David Stern officially stepped down as Commissioner of the league on February 1st and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver will not be the face of the NBA Head Offices.

Stern leaving and Silver's beginning could not come at a better time for the new Commssioner.  Stern has history as the Commissioner of the league, he has been through the ups-and-downs, brawls, seen the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Karl Malone and the Admiral David Robinson, yes by some of the names I have listed, I was an 80's born baby, grace the NBA floor.

As of February 3rd, there are five teams that have a winning percentage of .700 and this could not be a better time for Silver to position himself into the chair.  Tim Reynolds of The Modesto Bee writes about how the NBA might more more top-heavy than ever before.

The Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City and the San Antonio Spurs are teams that are gracing the winning percentage that the last we have seen in the league was back in the 1997-1998 season.  Can you remember back whom those top five teams were?  Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz, Seattle Supersonics and the Los Angeles Lakers took the honors which seemed to be ancient history.

While the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Indiana Pacers are on their way to continuing setting records for not only their team history, Reynolds states they could possibly be on their way to setting two of the 25 records in league history.

Granted, these teams would not be where they are or on the success path as they have been so far this season with those bad teams in the league.  You can come to an agreement with those teams that are on top of the league right now, Eastern and Western Conferences are as good as it gets. 

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