Mavs’ Mark Cuban wants Spurs to win the NBA crown and for Duncan to retire

It’s not often you hear of a rival West team cheer on their chief rival and especially coming from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Cuban (who has a long history of verbal jabs towards the San Antonio Spurs and the city) is apparently cheering on the Spurs to win the 2014 NBA title but of course, he might have an ulterior motive aimed at the Mavs’ long time thorn – Tim Duncan.


“I want San Antonio to win. I want Tim Duncan to hit a game-winning shot to win in Game 7. Then go to the finals and do the exact same thing — hit a game-winning shot in Game 7…run down the tunnel, never to be seen again. I want him to retire on the spot. I hope he gets that last ring and it’s all the incentive he needs to retire.”

Of course he wants No. 21 to retire. Without Duncan in the West (let alone the Southwest Division), it just might make things a bit easier for Dallas to have success on the court without having to worry about the “Big Fundamental” ruining any Mavs’ dreams of postseason glory.

Since the golden age of the Spurs-Mavs rivalry, Duncan and the Spurs have had more success winning three more titles over Dallas’ one title. More to the point, the Spurs sent the Mavs packing for the offseason once again in the first round of the playoffs.

Considering it might be a backhanded compliment from Cuban to see the Spurs win it all, take it for what it is Spurs fans.