Mavs’ Devin Harris has no problems seeing Spurs receive their rings on opening night

The Dallas Mavericks pushed the San Antonio Spurs to a seven-game series in last season’s NBA playoffs before San Antonio sent Dallas on vacation.

The Mavs were the only team to test the Spurs, as San Antonio marched to their fifth NBA title in franchise history with relative ease.

As the 2014-15 NBA season draws near, thanks to the NBA schedule makers, the Spurs and Mavs will meet again for opening night in San Antonio. It will also be ring night for the Spurs, as they hoist the 2014 NBA Championship banner and the players receive their rings.

All of this pomp and circumstance will be enough to motivate Mavs guard Devin Harris who says Dallas should have beaten the Spurs in the first round of the West playoffs.


“I like to think that we woke them up,” Harris said when asked what he took away from giving the Spurs their toughest test en route to the title. “I mean, they’re a good team regardless. Obviously, they struggled a little bit in our series but really found their game after our seven-game series. But, obviously, we still lost in the first round to a team I think we should have beat. I mean, you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. We’re definitely moving forward as a team and as an organization, but we’d like to finish what we started in that sense and finish that series the way we wanted to finish it.

As for being in San Antonio for ring night, Harris says he has no problem being at the AT&T Center that night as it is also adding extra motivation.

“I don’t have a problem being in San Antonio,” he added while foreshadowing the season opener. “I’m kind of looking forward to it, especially because it’s a team that we have history with. And it’s a little bit of added motivation, watching them get their rings against us and knowing that we played them so close. And so I’m actually looking forward to Opening Night.”

Harris hasn’t been the only Maverick to state Dallas should have beaten the Spurs.

Owner Mark Cuban has been on the record echoing Harris’ sentiment about last season’s Spurs-Mavs playoff series.

In the end, the record books will forever show the Spurs beat the Mavs no matter how long the series went.

If Dallas needs this as fuel for next season so be it but until a team dethrones the Spurs, San Antonio is still the reigning NBA champ.