Mavs’ Cuban may respect the Spurs but he still wants to ‘kick their ass’

The San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks had one of the most fiercest rivalries in the NBA. From tense playoff series to words being exchanged, the Spurs-Mavs rivalry was one of the best.

However, the rivalry has cooled as Dallas has lost a step or two while San Antonio has continued to win titles.

Still, as far as Dallas owner Mark Cuban is concerned, although he rooted for them to win the NBA title, as far as Dallas owner Mark Cuban continues to dislike the silver and black and still wants to beat them every time.

Via Dallasnews.com

“As much as I dislike the Spurs, I’d rather see a Texas team win. I’d rather see a team from our division win. I have a ton of respect for Manu Giniboli, for Parker and for Duncan. It’s been 14 years and those guys have been here for most of that time. Even though you want to kick their ass, you’ve still got to respect them. I certainly wanted to see them win before I saw the Heat win.”

Obviously Cuban is just having some competitive banter with San Antonio but how can Cuban not respect what the Spurs have done? The entire sports world respects them.

And despite the lopsidedness when it comes to which Texas team is more successful with the Spurs winning five NBA titles to the Mavs’ one, Cuban still looks at San Antonio as his team’s chief rival.

“It’s still the Spurs. Probably the Houston Rockets more now with what happened to Chandler Parsons. Oklahoma City is still going to be strong. But, yeah, it’s still got to be the Spurs.”