Bonner wants to play until he’s 40 & is happy French people enjoy his last name

NBA fans might be in for a treat if San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner has his way.

And what is the said treat? How about seeing Bonner play until he is 40 years old.

In an interview with Basket USA, Bonner spoke on how much longer he can still play and if his body holds up, he’d like to play until the ripe old age of 40.

I plan to play as long as possible. Up to 40 years old, that would be great! I will take year by year and see if the team needs me and if I’m still healthy enough to play.

Bonner is 34 years old and re-signed with San Antonio for one more year.

Aside from being a threat on the 3-point line for the Spurs, he brings levity, quirkiness and a needed veteran presence in the locker room.

For as much as fans might be dreading the day Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and Manu Ginobili call it a career, at least they know there might be a chance Bonner will still be balling.

Oh and there’s this little gem.

Apparently Matt’s last name in French means “Happiness,” which makes him just as happy.

Is that true? It’s nice, and I am delighted that people in France enjoy my last name.