Matt Bonner signs with Adidas

The Red Rocket aka The Red Mamba aka the Masked Mamba, following previous events, has signed a shoe deal with Adidas.  San Antonio Spurs' Bonner made the announcement official yesterday to

The 10-year veteran simply told the website "I have finally found a shoe home".  The shoe in which Bonner will be sporting and as he says, has been for the previous weeks during practices will be the Crazy 8.

While sitting in his locker awaiting the tip of the natinoally televised game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Bonner looked at his pair of gray/black-white and simply stated he was going with them.


 “I have finally found a shoe home,” said Bonner, while seated at his locker with a pair of adidas Crazy 8s in his lap. “I’ll be playing in these.”

Bonner has raved about the shoe and that is what ultimately made his decision pretty easy to sign with Adidas. Head equipment manager for the Spurs is also ecstatic for Bonner and his new endorsement.

 “We welcome it with open arms,” said Travis Wade, the head equipment manager for the San Antonio Spurs. “adidas has sent a lot of different models to Bonner throughout the past two weeks, and he really likes the Crazy 8 because of the material and the padding on the inside.”

With the stint of injuries the Spurs have been hit with in the past few days, padding is always a good thing to hear. We don't need anyone going down with an ankle injury, knock on wood.

Bonner ends the interview with Nicekicks as the Bonner we all know in response to asking if he would wear the brand's special night and holiday makeups.

“Um, I wouldn’t mind wearing green shoes for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Bonner while pointing at his hair. “I’m Irish if you haven’t noticed yet.”

The only question I have is, what took so long for the Red-Rocket to get that shoe deal?

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