2014 NBA Finals - Game Five

Matt Bonner Loves Retribution

Matt Bonner loves himself some revenge and retribution. He especially likes it when it comes against the Miami Heat, the team that knocked the San Antonio Spurs out of the Finals, the year before.

Bonner is a tenured member of this Spurs team having been in San Antonio for a decade now. GiveMeSport caught up with the “Red Mamba” during the summer and he had quite some interesting answers for their questions.

Of course the topic of the Finals came up and Bonner was certainly happy with the win, but “I think extra satisfaction is an understatement” and most Spurs fans would probably agree with him.

Now, he knows the Heat aren’t quite the same without LeBron James, but he does think that they could be a contender and will be a tough team to beat.

He also talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers with their recent acquisitions and trades, “Obviously the Cavs are an instant contender with LeBron James and the other player’s they’ve put around him.”

Bonner went on to talk about preparing for the season, as well as what it takes to stay on top. He knows a thing or two about winning a championship and he knows that head coach Gregg Popovich will have this team ready for when the season opens up right around Halloween time.

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