Mark Cuban bashes SA’s famed River Walk… again

If Charles Barkley talking about San Antonio's women isn't enough to get Spurs fan's blood boiling, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's jabs are definitely enough to get it past the boiling point.

During an interview SportsDayDFW, Cuban as he has shown in the past, expressed his "love" for San Antonio's River Walk.

Cuban was asked about teams Mavs fans love to hate.  He states first that the fans hate the Miami Heat, but you just had to know he took the opportunity to lob another insult San Antonio's way.

"I think Mavs fans hate the Heat, knowing that it's just a once a year type thing. From an ongoing perspective, the Spurs probably. If you go to San Antonio, they hate us a lot more, I think, than we hate them because it's the only game time. So I think there's a lot more animosity between the Mavs and the Spurs, and they still have that muddy ugly-ass River Walk that you have to contend with."

It has been many years when Cuban first called the Riverwalk an "ugly, muddy-watered thing."

When the team returned to San Antonio back in 2009, he went back to the Riverwalk to see that they were cleaning it up but then was afraid that people would fall in it.

Cuban may have more to worry about aside from San Antonio tourist destinations. He does in fact, run a basketball team.

Michael Rehome

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