Marco Belinelli Speaks

All eyes have been on Marco Belinelli when he was picked up by the San Antonio Spurs in the off season.  Some were probably a little skeptical about him, maybe because they did not know much about the small-forward.  While in Chicago, he was a starter and played a big role in their success.

Through 65 games in his first season with San Antonio, Belinelli has come on and made an impact with his role on the team.  He is averaging just under 12 a game, right at 11.3, and shooting 43% from beyond the arc.  The three-point champion of this past All-Star game did not think twice when he found out the Spurs were looking at his services.

“When San Antonio called me, I didn’t think to much, I want to go there.”

The words spoken from Belinelli in a video featured on the Spurs official home page where he talks about his journey with the Spurs.  He goes on and talks about how he not once thought about the money but where he would be going, into a good system with players knowing their roles.

With the talent and the basketball intelligence he possesses, there was no question that Gregg Popovich wanted him also.

For Belinelli though, he states that he was “A little scared” in meeting Popovich for the first time.  He soon found out that Pop is not a bad guy after all.

“I was a little surprised because he’s just a gentleman.”

Praise comes back to Belinelli from Popovich as he talks about how great of a player he is:

“He understands how to play, and he plays well with other people.”

He has grown to become a fan favorite around San Antonio and the rest of the world.  He fits in nicely with the system and it did not take him long to adjust to it either.

Playing with future Hall of Famers like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker can ease your mind a little bit.

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