Manu Ginobili wasn’t immune from Tim Duncan’s silent treatment

When San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker was a 19-year old rookie, he got the silent treatment from teammate Tim Duncan. Partly due to a language barrier but more importantly, Parker had to earn respect from his superstar teammate.

Eventually, Duncan and Parker got on the same page and Parker earned the respect. Since then, the the two have gone on to much success on the court, however, the other third of the “Big Three”- Manu Ginobili – wasn’t immune from No. 21’s silent treatment as well.

Coming into the Spurs as a rookie, Ginobili says he too got some of the silent treatment from Duncan.

Via The Oklahoman:

Sort of, yeah. First, because I couldn’t understand him when he spoke. But Tim is kind of a shy guy. You slowly start to get to know him, and then you start having more talks and go to dinner and share more things. But at the beginning it was — but I was the same, basically, with everybody — I was from a completely different environment. I talked to Tony because he knew me from before, but it takes a while to adjust to a new team and make friends.

I think that I earned his respect. For me that was the most important thing. I wanted to earn the respect of my teammates and coach. Making friends is not the main concern when you get to a new place and you want to do good in a career. So by the end of the first season is when I realized I had got their respect. And then slowly, when you get better and you spend more time together, then you develop a relationship. But my goal was to make Pop know that I was good and could help the team; make Tim know that; David Robinson; and Tony. And then we can make a relationship better.

Ginobili has certainly earned Duncan’s and the Spurs’ respect. The trio has gone on to lead the Spurs to three NBA titles and countless deep postseason runs. Ginobili has gone on to be a vital part of the Spurs recent domination of the NBA and has been an NBA All-Star during this span.

And the three are all on the same page during this postseason run which finds them once again chasing that elusive fifth NBA title which is just six more wins away.