Kobe Bryant isn’t OK with Tim Duncan possibly getting ring No. 6 before him

San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan now has five NBA championships as his team won the 2014 NBA Championship.

With the win, he tied Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant in championship rings (five), something Kobe isn’t OK with whatsoever.

In this modern era of the NBA, Duncan and Bryant will go down as two of the greatest. However, should Duncan get one more title, he not only would pass Bryant in rings but tie the great Michael Jordan with six titles.

Kobe is a competitor so to hear him make this statement isn’t a huge surprise. However, the Lakers roster is in disarray, and Kobe’s has been dealing with knee injuries. The Lakers need to put together a better roster if Kobe wants a chance to get ring No. 6 before Duncan.

Though that scenario is unlikely seeing how the Spurs look poised to defend their title next season.