Knicks’ Phil Jackson: The Spurs are not a dynasty

Phil Jackson is at it again.

Jackson, who is now the Knicks’ President, has never been one to shy from taking verbal jabs at the San Antonio Spurs. Ever since he’s been in the league (and especially when he was with the Lakers during the Spurs-Laker rivalry) he has called the Spurs out for having a asterisk title in 1999, and even gone far to say the Spurs have a “Brokeback Mountain” style of play.

Well Phil is at it again and this time calling San Antonio a non-dynasty.

“Tim Duncan making the salary he’s making after being part of a dynasty – not a dynasty, I wouldn’t call San Antonio a dynasty — a force, a great force,” Jackson said. “They haven’t been able to win consecutive championships but they’ve always been there. San Antonio has had a wonderful run through Tim’s tenure there as a player. He’s agreed to take a salary cut so other players can play with him so they can be this good. And that’s the beginning of team play.”

Nice going Phillip.

I guess it doesn’t matter it’s been years, Jackson just cannot stop taking verbal jabs at the Spurs.

Perhaps it’s jealousy over San Antonio’s sustained excellence or maybe he just wants attention, either way, it’s getting old now.

Granted, Jackson led the Lakers to five titles and beat the Spurs four times in the playoffs, however, Jackson just can’t seem to stop ribbing his once great rival.

The Spurs may have never won back-to-back titles but have had more success of any major American sports, have consistently been in the postseason, are the model franchise many NBA team want to emulate and other teams look to dip into their coaching staff to bring that Spurs “magic” to their franchise.

Regardless, Phil has bigger things to worry about than the Spurs. He is about to take on a club that has been losers for several years. Maybe he needs to stick to worrying about the Knicks.

Well weigh in Spurs fans. What do you think about Jackson’s latest comment?