Kings owner Ranadive wants team to be like the Spurs, only more exciting

The Sacramento Kings are currently sitting at 25-47 in the West and are obviously in a rebuilding phase. Aside from DeMarcus Cousins, everyone else on the current roster is expendable and the team will be looking at how to get back into title contention.

So like many other NBA teams striving for success, the San Antonio Spurs are the blueprint Kings owner Vivek Ranadive wants to follow to create a winning team but with just one slight variation.

Stop me if you heard this before but the Spurs’ system has been labeled “boring” by many for years even though Spurs fans know otherwise that the team is very exciting to watch.

Well it seems Mr. Ranadive wants the Spurs’ successful style of play but have the Kings be more exciting than San Antonio.

The style of play — we want to be like the Spurs, but exciting. We want to create a winning franchise that is a perennial contender, and we also want a strong defense, combined with up-tempo play.

I think clearly we have more work to do on offense. We have more turnovers than we would like. We need to move the ball around better. We’d like it to be more up-tempo. We have a lot of young guys on the team.

I want to basically play a new brand of position-less basketball. I want to have these super-athletic, young guys that can run and feel out the game. Guys like Rudy Gay, and Derrick Williams, these are guys who can play the 1-2-3-4 positions. There’s work to be done on offense but I think we’ve made progress.

When will they ever learn?

Ranadive may have inadvertently gave the Spurs a back-handed compliment (yes I am giving him the benefit of the doubt) but ultimately, he may not understand that “exciting” ball play will not win titles.

Defense wins titles. Not offense. Though the “Showtime” Lakers team were the exception to this rule

Granted, the Kings’ defense has spiked this season but in the end, Ranadive might be focusing more on offense.

Reminder — having an up-tempo style rarely works. Ask the Suns under Mike D’Antonio’s tenure.

Here the Kings owner might also be seeing how an “exciting” brand of ball will fill the seats thus generating money. But if he really wants to have a future team using the Spurs successful model, then preach defense, keep Cousins mental-lapses in check and urge him to set the example for his teammates like Tim Duncan, bring in players with their ego checked at the door and be like San Antonio’s owner – Peter Holt – and let the coach, coach and stay at a distance.

And despite the “boring” label the Spurs have been given for years, this team is exciting. Can you say 16-game winning streak and four NBA titles?

I’ll take titles over “exciting” basketball.