Durant with interesting take on Leonard’s Finals MVP

The San Antonio Spurs have captured their fifth NBA title defeating the Miami Heat in five games. The team was led by Kawhi Leonard who won the 2014 NBA Finals MVP trophy.

Leonard has made leaps and bounds since joining the Spurs and the young player is a budding star in the NBA.

But don’t tell that to Thunder’s Kevin Durant. He believes Leonard is just a byproduct of the Spurs’ system and isn’t jumping on the Kawhi bandwagon.


This is an unusual move by Durant who is usually quiet, humble and reserved.

Perhaps this could be a byproduct of KD still miffed the Spurs ended OKC’s shot at capturing an NBA crown in the Western Conference Finals.

Regardless, Kawhi walked away a champion and a Finals MVP in his young career. Something Durant hasn’t tasted despite the fact he’s been in the NBA longer than Leonard.

(H/t Bleacher Report)