Jon Barry regrets not playing for Spurs

Jon BarryTake one look at the San Antonio Spurs' success well over the last decade, and you'd think it would be a free agent hot spot. Yet several players have spurned the Spurs for more lucrative offers or what they may have expected to be greener pastures elsewhere.

Some athletes never get the chance to play for the Spurs, and ESPN and ABC broadcaster Jon Barry, doesn't have to look too far down the family tree to former Spurs and little brother Brent to make him regret never getting the chance to suit up in the silver & black.

In Bill Schoening's most recent, 20 second timeout blog, he talks to Barry, an NBA journeyman, about never landing in San Antonio.

"Yes, I regret the fact that I didn't play here in San Antonio", says Barry, "every time I look at my brother Brent's fingers and see those two rings."
But for Barry, not playing for the Spurs means more than a little jewelry envy, he also didn't get a chance to play for what he considers one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA.
"It's really pretty incredible what Pop (Head Coach Gregg Popovich) has done. He has been able to plug in different guys around the Big 3. It's a system and it really doesn't matter who he puts in there. There is no deviation. To me, Pop is one of the top 3 coaches that has ever coached in the NBA."
The allure of competing, and perhaps winning NBA championships, and playing for a coach like Popovich still isn't enough for some. Unfortunately for Barry, being able to look into the past is 20/20 and not 14 karat.

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