Jim Boylen on why the Spurs like Daye

As the San Antonio Spurs acquired Austin Daye at the trade deadline many including himself believe that he got a new lease on life.  Drafted back in 2009 by the Detroit Pistons, Daye has seen a lot of ups and downs with his stay, four years, in Detroit before making moves to the Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and now the Spurs.

The 2010-2011 season probably was his best of his career.  He averaged 7.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.1 assists in 72 games.  Not the numbers that would jump out to many, Daye though could be a player that within the right system can contribute.

He now has a championship ring, and with that, playing on a team that has future Hall of Famers to where he could polish his skills and learning from Gregg Popovich bodes really well for a young player like himself.

San Antonio likes Daye.  They quickly jumped at the chance of guaranteeing him a contract for next season so that he can have a good offseason with the Spurs and be more accustomed to their system during the Summer League.

Spurs assistant coach Jim Boylen said it was an easy decision to make on Daye’s contract.

“He fits two criteria we are looking for,” Boylen said. “First, he can shoot the ball and second, he has a high basketball IQ.”

In fourteen games with the San Antonio Spurs, Daye averaged just over four points a game.  His memorable outing with them this season would have to be his game against the Philadelphia 76ers where he showed off the high basketball IQ that Boylan mentioned.

He scored 22 points in 29 minutes.  He was 8-of-13 from the floor.  Out of those eight field goals made, six of them were from the three-point line where he could become another threat for the Spurs.

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