Jeff Ayres earns dunk of the night vs. Timberwolv​es

First year Spurs big man Jeff Ayres has been getting pretty regular minutes thus far this season, and seems to be picking up the Spurs vaunted system pretty well. In particular his rebounding numbers have increased every month this year. So far in January Jeff is averaging 6 RPG as opposed to the two he averaged in the first month of the season. This bodes well for him and the Spurs as the Spurs really needed to get more rebounding from someone in their front court that is not named Tim Duncan.

Jeff has also produced a few praise worthy dunks this season as a Spur, and even gave him well deserved props with dunk of the night honors for a rim quaking two handed slammo against the Minnesota Timberwolves two nights ago.

Great to see a Spurs big attack the rim with regularity the way Jeff has this year. Hopefully he will continue attacking aggressively and earn a few more dunk-o-the-night highlights for all Spurs Nation to enjoy.