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Is Matt Bonner a Comedic Genius?

San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner might be a funny looking guy when you see him on the end of the bench for the Spurs, but little did you know that he’s actually funny! He knows that looks aren’t everything (although they certainly don’t hurt his funny in this case) and so he likes to conduct some funny business of his own. Saturday Night Live has always been an inspiration to Bonner and that’s why he did an Andy Kaufman impression in that lovely video you should have already clicked on.

However, he went in-depth and serious on comedy with Dave Zarum and there’s some pretty good answers in there. Like how Bonner still isn’t a Canadian citizen despite applying five years ago and that’s there’s more than hard work and dedication required to being a Spur. You gotta have a sense of humor!

Bonner never said anything about Kawhi’s sense of humor, but he did say he’d like to see him squirm on stage.

But if you’d like to some of Bonner’s other work outside of the season, he has a wonderful series called “Fundamentals of the Game with Coach B” (you’re welcome) that everyone should watch and enjoy for the bad editing, even worse playing, and overall hilarity.

But the best part about all of his comedy is that he doesn’t curse once. Of course, being the good man Bonner is, he refuses to do comedy with profanity because that’s just too easy and he’s better than that.

Now that you know a little more about the Red Rocket/Red Mamba/sandwich lover you can go on about your summers and show the appropriate respect for that “pale guy rocking the New Balances” as most of you would describe him.

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