If healthy at season’s end, Splitter plans to play in 2014 FIBA World Cup

So long as he finishes the 2013-2014 NBA season in a healthy state, San Antonio Spurs center Tiago Splitter told FIBA.com he plans on playing in the upcoming 2014 FIBA World Cup for Brazil.

If I am not injured, I will play with the national team next summer. I am looking forward to participate in the World Cup with my teammates and try to help Brazil do a great performance in Spain.

Again, the key word from Splitter is "if" he's healthy at season's end. Through half of this current season with the Spurs, he's already sustained two injuries that have kept him out for multiple games. First, he suffered a right shoulder strain in early January that had him sidelined for a number of games. As of late, he's missed the last three games with a right calf contusion. 

Splitter even told FIBA.com he's not quite totally recovered from the initial shoulder injury, and it could take as much as two-three weeks to fully recover from the injury.

I feel better but I am not completely recovered from my injury. My shoulder is still a bit sore and I think that it will be fully healed in two or three weeks. I feel happy to be back on the court as I want to help my teammates win games.

Splitter's current injuries haven't been season ending, so with the rest he's received during the All-Star break, the expectation is that he'll be ready to return to the lineup very soon. Splitter is currently in the first year of a new four-year deal he signed this summer.

If you recall last summer, Splitter decided not to participate in the FIBA Americas with Brazil. He told FIBA.com the reason for sitting out last summer was to rest from the long NBA season San Antonio had just played in going all the way to Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and also, he had already played with Brazil the three years prior.

If Splitter does decide to play this summer, he'll be competing against some of the top European teams in the first round as his group drew France (defending Eurobasket champion) and Spain, who are two powerhouses internationally. 

If you continue reading the article, there's also some interesting quotes from Splitter on two of his newest teammates, Marco Belnelli and Jeff Ayres, how the current season is going despite the rash of injuries, and how he thinks this year's team can be better than last year's if everyone can get healthy going into the playoffs.


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