Hall of Famer Mourning on Spurs: ‘Those guys know, you have a franchise player, you keep him’

The San Antonio Spurs are the poster child of how an NBA franchise should be run.

From ownership, coaching staff to players, the team makes sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to running the team and ensuring competitive squads, longevity, and keeping franchise players happy.

From George Gervin, David Robinson, Tim Duncan and more than likely Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio knows the impact of franchise players, as they have established a culture of winning and trying to provide the franchise player with the best possible roster.

Alonzo Mourning was recently inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame, and he recognized the Spurs’ understanding of the impact of a franchise player and didn’t hesitate at giving the team proper recognition.

Via Boston Globe:

“When you think about franchise players, usually the good front office management, the ones that have extreme longevity, good owner, those are the ones that understand the impact of a franchise player,” Mourning said. “[Gregg Popovich], R.C. Buford, Tim Duncan [in San Antonio.] Mickey Arison, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade [in Miami]. Those guys know, you have a franchise player, you keep him.”

Mourning was the face of the Hornets during his time in the NBA but Charlotte and Alonzo had contract disputes which ultimately forced Charlotte to trade him.

The Spurs have always made sure their star players have the best chance at having a shot at the title since the Robinson era. Whether it be making the right trade at the right time, adding the perfect complimentary players to surround their franchise player, or managing their minutes to make sure he is ready for the important games or postseason series, San Antonio is always making the right decision.

Take Duncan for example. The Spurs as a whole have helped him win five NBA titles.

The proof is there, which makes the Spurs one of the best franchises ever in league history.