NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at San Antonio Spurs

Green steps up in game five as Spurs advance

The San Antonio Spurs advanced to the Western Conference Finals, doing it without their floor-leader Tony Parker who did not return to the game after he was seen heading into the team locker room during the second quarter of game five after sustaining a left hamstring injury.

For Danny Green, the first four games of the series against the Portland Trail Blazers have been sub-par to say the least.  Green could not get into a offensive rhythm.  What he did in game five on Wednesday night was a game he needed for his confidence.

In the first four games of this series, Green scored a total of 22 points, he was 4-of-17 from beyond the arc.  In game five, he matched his four game totals.  In 35 minutes, he scored 22 points, was 4-0f-6 (9-of-13 field goals) from beyond the arc.

He seemed more relaxed and was not hesitating on his shots.

This is where he excels.

When Green receives the ball and takes his time, his mechanics are off.  He is a streaky shooter.  Green is deadly when he comes into his shot or receives the pass when he is in rhythm.

With his performance in game five, does this wipe out what he has done the first four games of this series let alone the entire postseason so far?  We all know what Green can do when he is clicking.  I feel he is going to be the x-factor heading into the next series whether it be the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Los Angeles Clippers.

This post-season by the numbers, Green is still having himself a productive outing each night.  Through 12 games, he is shooting from the field 50% and hitting 43% from beyond the arc (19-of-44).  Depending on the status of Parker, Green’s aggressiveness will have to be apparent as it was in game five.

Michael Rehome

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