Good news Spurs fans, math says Spurs will win NBA title

The San Antonio Spurs may have lost the home court edge to the Miami Heat by losing Game 2 in San Antonio 98-96 but according to Mathematicians in San Antonio, the Spurs will still win the NBA title.

According to the “Oracle Method,” created by two Trinity University math professors, Dr. Eduardo Cabral Balreira and Dr. Brian Miceli, San Antonio will capture their fifth NBA title over the Heat.

“No matter how you do it all mathematical models will predict the Spurs”, said Balreira.

To test Oracle’s accuracy, the both Balreira and Miceli pulled NBA data for the past 15 years. “And our model correctly predicted 13 of the championships, ” added Miceli.

The associate professors’ model analyzes everything from number of points scored, to who played who, and whether the games were played away or at home.

“The Spurs are actually a better away team then the Spurs are a home team according to our model,” Miceli went on to say. Balreira adds the model shows the Spurs splitting the series in Miami and then winning the series at home.

“We still have that the Spurs have a 60 percent chance of winning, it’s gone down a little because they split the first two games, ” said Miceli.

Well there you go Spurs fans. Hopefully this fancy math formula will be a sure thing. About right now, I am sure Spurs fans who are a bit nervous, will feel a bit better.