Good and Bad of the Spurs Remaining Schedule

"Rough" is an appropriate description for the first two-thirds of the San Antonio Spurs' season. A plethora of injuries has forced Coach Gregg Popovich into meshing together oddball rotations (22 different starting lineups) and assigning important minutes to no-names and fading veterans. The starters that opened the season for the Spurs have since missed a combined 43 games due to injury. And to no one's surprise, Sixth Man candidate Manu Ginobili is up to 11 games missed all on his own.

The much needed break provided by the All-Star weekend has passed and the Spurs are finally starting to recover from the injury bug that rampaged through the club. There are still many concerns to be handled but time and the league won't wait for San Antonio to regroup. The Spurs still have a long stretch of road before they reach the playoffs, so here are the good and the bad from the Spurs remaining 2013-14 schedule.

Note: Schedule numbers prior to 2/18 game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

THAT'S GOOD… An even slate of home and away games. The Spurs have 15 more games at the AT&T Center and 14 away from home.

THAT'S BAD… 21 of the Spurs remaining games are against the Western Conference.

THAT'S GOOD… The remaining opponents the Spurs face at home have a combined record of 373-416, or roughly 25-28 on average.

THAT'S BAD… The remaining opponents the Spurs face on the road have a combined record of 417-325, or roughly 30-23 on average.

THAT'S GOOD… The Spurs have only 6 more sets of back-to-back series.

THAT'S BAD… There are 6 instances of 3 games in 4 nights and 1 instance of 4 games in 6 nights.

THAT'S GOOD…  Spurs have a 4 day break between the last Rodeo Road Trip game and their home game against Detroit on the 26th. They also have 3 instances of 2-day beaks between games.

THAT'S BAD… The Spurs have 12 games, 41.4% of the remaining schedule, that are against Western Conference teams battling for playoff seeding.

THAT'S ALSO BAD… Opponents scheduled on the back-to-backs have a combined record of 368-268, or roughly 31-22 on average.

EASIEST STRETCH… Lakers, Utah, (at) Lakers. The Jazz and the Lakers have a combined 37 wins. These 3 games also take place over a 9 day stretch.

TOUGHEST STRETCH… (at) Denver, New Orleans, (at) Indiana, Golden State, (at) Oklahoma City. This will be fun. A back-to-back set that starts on the road in Denver and finishes at home against New Orleans. San Antonio then goes back on the road against the best team in the East who are also vastly physically superior to the Spurs. The Spurs then travel back home to start another back-to-back set against the Warriors. The second game in that set is on the road against the best team in the West, the Thunder. All of this in seven days.

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