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Ginobili reflects on winning championship in latest column

Throughout the season and last offseason, San Antonio Spurs guard has written a column on the Argentinean website about his journey in the NBA.

Tuesday, Ginobili wrote his latest column reflecting on winning his 4th NBA Championship, while also speaking about last year’s heartbreaking loss, how he wants to go for another title next season, and the story behind the infamous Argentine flag he wears during the Spurs’ championship celebrations.

Ginobili first discussed what the feeling is like to win the title yet again, after last year’s loss.

It was a unique moment that I lived, for several reasons: because I have not lived it does, because we were spoiled input, for the first five years won three times the ring, then, although one would enjoy and I live with enormous passion and pride, when there were so many frustrations in the middle and especially the last year that was very painful, this title is special. Because the last year was not only very hard for me to have played so poorly that game six but for Tim, Tony, Pop ..

Ginobili writes in detail about what he, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich went through the entire season and especially, after the loss last year. He also wrote about how he enjoyed winning this year’s title with his family, all the way until 4 AM.

Ginobili also discussed how last year’s loss has propelled the Spurs to use the “extra pass” mentality this season. He also wrote about the growth of some of his other teammates from last year to this year. (Excuse translations)

Seeing the mistakes we made last year and they did not let us win and understand what the best way to beat Miami, we arrived all made our greatest expression of extra pass, which is what we care so much. Easy pass, the best we tried was located on a computer that everyone contributed. Because Patty Mills was the last year that revoleaba towel, Kawhi Leonard was 21 and glimpsed what could be this year. Danny Green, Tiago Splitter Boris Diaw was a gladiator!

Ginobili says he will use the summer to relax and enjoy time with his family, but explains why he thinks the Spurs can begin the journey again next year for the franchise’s 6th championship, if Duncan returns.

But I have no doubt that when we come together for next season and begin to train and start the championship, we’ll go again for everything. This is how it works. We all play basketball because it is not only our job, but because it is our passion, we do and we enjoy doing so. And no doubt you feel better when you play well. I did not speak a word with Tim about his future, do not think I have to convince him of anything, unless something happens very radical on the computer, I have little doubt that will follow, I estimate that speak to him to know what will to do. But I hope we stay together.

Lastly, a cool nugget Ginobili let his reader’s in on, was the history of the infamous Argentine flag he wears on the championship nights. He says the same flag has been used for each of his championships, and his wife is the one who should be credited for the tradition.

It is my wife who kept it has smudges of champagne. Was in the previous three festivals and is a tradition to have it, it’s like having stains other battles even looks dirty, but marks a flag that accompanies me in every achievement. And last night we returned to celebrate together something amazing.

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