Ginobili ‘disappointed and sad’ he won’t play for Team Argentina

San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili will sit out of the 2014 FIBA World Cup due to a stress fracture in his leg.

And although there was a glimmer of hope Manu would still be able to play (barring a medical test), in the end, the Spurs decided to not allow No. 20 to suit up this summer (per contract terms) considering the injury was not healing much to the chagrin of Ginobili.

I did a lot of treatment and a lot of stretching and a little seemed to help, but when Wednesday I started forcing more running and shooting at the park, at the end of the training session the pain reappeared in the same place of the original fibular fracture . That basically gave the final blow to the expectations I had put together some kind of plan to get to play in Spain, and to ask for mediation to FIBA ​​was pointless because obviously the injury is not completely healed.

I very much regret the bad news. I am sad and disappointed. I wanted to say goodbye to the team on the court and with my friends, but it cannot be. I’ll be with the team as long as possible, trying to help from the sidelines and supporting the team at all times.

This injury pretty much ended Manu’s international playing career, however, the Spurs do need him at full strength if they want to do something the franchise has never done – defend their NBA crown.

There’s no way the Spurs can do that if Manu risked further injury or worst yet, suffer a season-ending injury during summer play like Pacers’ Paul George.

It’s understandable why the Spurs did what they did but for Manu, he has nothing to regret. What he has done for basketball in Argentina is immeasurable an has represented the blue and white admirably.