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Ginobili “98%” done playing with Argentina, speaks about future with Spurs

In an interview with Canchallena.LaNacion.com Friday (translated in English by Jesus Gomez of PoundingtheRock.com), San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili spoke about his future with both the San Antonio Spurs and Argentine National team.

On his future with the Argentine National team, Ginobili said he is “98%” done playing with the team at the moment, though his final decision will come once he plays next season in the NBA, to see how he’ll feel after another 82-game season.

If I had played this tournament, it would have definitely been my last. As things stand today, I’d say it’s almost certain, like a 98% chance that I’ll never play again. It will always be hard for me to retire from this team. I know how slim the chances are, so today I’d say that yes, this was my last chance and it’s past.  But I also felt like I was playing for the last time with the national team during the London Olympics. I knew there could be other chances but I played thinking it was the last time. In my mind, I was retiring in 2012. That’s why the decision to play this time was hard for me. Playing at 37 and after a season that extended to June… So because of that, it didn’t hurt as badly to feel like this was it.

As for his future with Spurs, Ginobili said he’s unsure if he’ll keep playing after this upcoming season, but he said if it ends like this past season, then the chances are greater he’ll continue to play with San Antonio beyond next season.

There’s not much left, sadly. We’ll see how much. I don’t like to speculate as to when it’s going to end. I know I’ll play the upcoming season. If I feel like I did this past season, I’ll keep going for sure. If I feel like I did the season before, I don’t know. More than age, what matters the most is my health and the mental aspect. Basketball-wise, I’m in a perfect situation. I’m with a team that takes great care of me, in which I have my role and I’m not asked to do too much. I’m a leader to my teammates. And I feel respected enough to not have to prove myself every day. So if I feel like I did last season, I’ll keep playing.

In the interview, Ginobili goes on to speak about the future of the Argentine National team, he spoke about the impact of Paul George’s injury, and more.

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