Gameday Q&A: Spurs vs. Lakers

The San Antonio Spurs’ 34-point victory against the Los Angeles Lakers was their largest victory against the Lakers in franchise history.

That happened five days ago.

Caleb Cottrell of SB Nation’s Silver Screen & Roll blog joined me to discuss tonight’s Spurs-Lakers matchup. There will be blood (probably).

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QR: The Lakers are having their worst season since 1959. Has there been anything “fun” about this season?

CC: The season hasn’t been a ton of fun to watch, but it’s still basketball (sometimes). Not being able to watch Kobe is definitely a bummer, though. It’s always hard to watch a team when their best player is injured. However, the Lakers have had some fun games with Nick Young leading the way.

QR: On that note, is there any lottery caliber player that you really want the Lakers to have?

CC: Obviously it would be nice to get a player like Wiggins, Embiid, or Parker, but it doesn’t look like the Lakers will get a top three pick, so I’d have to say Dante Exum. No one really knows much about him because there isn’t much film. All of the reports are saying he has a ton of potential, and he shares an agent — who says he’ll only workout for the Lakers — with Kobe Bryant.

QR: Okay, gun to your head: What are the chances Kobe wins another title before he retires?

CC: Slim. This Lakers team isn’t going to be doing anything in the playoffs in the near future. They need to hit with their draft pick, and sign a star player for Kobe to even have a chance at another title. If the Black Mamba wants ring number six, he would probably be better off going to another team, as sad as that sounds.

QR: I compared the Lakers to Marie Schraeder from Breaking Bad in my recent piece. Now it’s your turn: If the Lakers were a TV character (non- Breaking Bad), who would they be?

CC: I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, so this is hard for me. I guess I’d say Sheldon Cooper. He’s the smartest guy, and he knows it. He doesn’t really understand when he hurts other people’s feelings, nor does he really care. Lakers fans believe they have the best team, and they definitely like to boast about it. They don’t care if the other person gets annoyed, as long as they know they have the best team.

QR: Prediction for tonight’s game?

CC: As hard as this Lakers team is to predict, I’ll say it will be closer than their last meeting. The Lakers have had four days of rest, so they should be full of energy. Los Angeles learned that Farmar will be out for at least two weeks today, so that takes away the best healthy bench player. The Lakers lose, but it won’t be a total beat down.

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