First look at Tony Parker’s new PEAK sneakers – ‘TP9-II’

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker has a new shoe coming out from PEAK called the “PEAK TP9-II” and here is your first look.

The shoe has the typical black and white look like the Spurs home jersey, and has Parker’s initials on the tongue of the shoe. His initials also appear on the side of the sneakers as well. You can also get them in an all black look (as pictured below) with the white PEAK logo on the toe of the shoes.

There’s no release date yet or price, but you can expect them to hit the shelves come the start of the NBA season.




Tell us what you think Spurs fans about TP’s new kicks. Will you be going out to buy a pair?

(h/t Wear Testers)
(h/t Jamey Burke Red’s Army)