Ettore Messina on joining the Spurs: ‘I’ll be part of the best team in the world’

The San Antonio Spurs recently announced they have added Ettore Messina to the coaching ranks for next season.

Messina comes to the Spurs not only with tons of head coaching experience overseas, he comes in with some NBA coaching experience with his time in L.A. with the Lakes as an assistant coach to former head coach Mike Brown. Not only that, he once coached a young Manu Ginobili in Italy before No. 20 was winning NBA titles.

Needless to say, Ettore joining San Antonio is a huge coup for the Spurs and possibly their future.

Speaking with Corriere Di Bologna, Messina opened up about joining the coaching ranks in San Antonio including his thoughts on the team, Gregg Popovich and much more.

Messina on Popovich’s kind words about him joining the team and welcomed by Manu Ginobili and Marco Belinelli:

“Beautiful words indeed, the Spurs have shown me great affection. I appreciate so much what he said Popovich, but also welcomed by Manu and Marco.”

Messina on possibly being the next Spurs head coach after Pop:

“I interrupt immediately. We’ll see what happens but I go there calm. I want to live it well.  At fifty (years old) I think I can learn a lot and I think I can improve in San Antonio technically, tactically and in general as a coach.”

Messina on his prior experience with the Lakers:

“Working with Mike Brown, a “product “of the philosophy of the Spurs, introduced me to some concepts. In this, I will be prepared. But with the Spurs, to get some things require connecting with them, being totally immersed in their environment. I will go through the season with the staff, one hundred percent, even during games.”

Messina on what the Spurs mean to him:

“The best coach, a franchise of the highest level that just won the title of champions. What Popovich, as a person who works in basketball, I do not need to tell you. We are in for a special season, we just won the title that will ensure that everyone will want to beat us. It is a great pleasure to be part of this organization. The Spurs are an example in the NBA.”

Leave us your thoughts on Messina with the Spurs. Lots of Spurs fans have already chimed in.