Ettore Messina added to Popovich’s staff, Spurs fans react

The San Antonio Spurs may have been unable to recruit Pau Gasol into a black and white jersey, but new information was released today announcing the appointment of another international force to the team.

European coach, Ettore Messina, will join Gregg Popovich’s genius coaching staff.

The Spurs have definitely acquired an accomplished coach with an impressive enough intellect to be deemed “legendary.”

A legendary coach to help lead a legendary team sounds like the perfect match. Would fans agree? Project Spurs gathered reactions from fans as word of the addition spread through the Twittersphere.

“Better off-season move than signing Pau Gasol. Smart Spurs move.” – @Joshx13

“The heir to Pop’s throne. Perfect hire, fits right in. Spurs do big things that go unnoticed. This guy can be great.” – @SirEdwardJames

“Great hire, another offensive genius.” – @longlivebatnab6

“Adding a very accomplished coach can only help them. Plus, is he a possible successor to Pop. Maybe. Solid grab.” – @KJS_9

“Pop is a defensive genius & Messina is an offensive guru. Perfect 1-2 punch!! #Unstoppable #SpursNation” – @Spurnandez210

“He knows the international game well. Our system will be even harder for other teams to decipher.” – @need4speeDelara

“Very decorated coach from overseas. Great hire by the greatest organization in all of sports. In my book, Spurs can do wrong.” – @jon123spurs

Clearly, the answer is yes. The Spurs fandom agrees and is clearly excited to welcome Messina into the championship family.

Need to be better acquainted with the Spurs’ newest coach? Project Spurs’ Andrew Ball has all you need to know in his post, “Ettore Messina officially joins Spurs coaching staff.”

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