ESPN’s Skip Bayless not impressed with the Spurs’ winning streak

He calls them “My Spurs,” but self-proclaimed San Antonio Spurs fanatic, ESPN’s Skip Bayless, isn’t impressed by San Antonio’s current winning streak.

In what seems like some alternate universe, even ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith gave the Spurs their due for looking like the cream of the crop in the NBA, Bayless broke down the Spurs’ winning streak and points out flaws in the team the Spurs played.

From saying they got an easier win over the Pelicans without Anthony Davis to saying the two wins over the Nuggets was easy because of Denver’s injury situation, Skip feels the winning streak isn’t impressive.

Skip goes on to say the Clippers’ recent winning ways is more impressive than the Spurs’ winning streak.

Check out the video and leave us your thoughts on Skip’s take.