Durant: Rockets ‘can’t guard me 1-on-1’

Remember when Kevin Durant was a modest and humble player? Well, it appears those days are long gone.

Now he sounds like a man on a mission and he knows he is good. Durant is hungry to win an NBA title, to be the best and he wants everyone to know it.

Durant passed Michael Jordan’s streak of 40 consecutive games scoring at least 25 points on Sunday night, but the Oklahoma City Thunder would fall to the Phoenix Suns 122-115 to fall 4.5 games behind the San Antonio Spurs for the number one seed in the Western Conference.

But is Durant right? Can the Houston Rockets not guard him 1-on-1?

Through the four games against Houston this season, Durant is averaging 34.7 points per game. His best performance came on March 11 when he posted 42 points on 13-of-16 shooting and shot 62 percent from beyond the arc.

Durant’s frustration seems to come from the fact that Houston would double and triple team him. What he does not seem to realize is that teams are always preparing different looks for Durant, consisting of double-teams and different defensive looks.

If Durant is not use to it by now, he needs to adjust and fast. He can expect to see similar scenarios, including different combinations thrown at him when the playoffs roll around. Teams will try to slow down Durant as much as they can, deny him the ball, and force him as far out of the perimeter as possible.

That is just some of the things you will see when you are the leading scorer in the NBA and average 32.1 points per game.

Oklahoma City (55-21) will take on the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

So San Antonio Spurs fans, do you think Kawhi Leonard can stop KD? Is he the “KD Stopper”?

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