Diaw on his new contract with Spurs: ‘We found common ground’

The San Antonio Spurs and Boris Diaw recently reached a deal which will bring back Boris next season in the hopes keeping him in San Antonio (along with the rest of the team from last season) will duplicate the team’s success last season.

Speaking with French site Le Figaro, Diaw opened up about staying in San Antonio including his thoughts on his new contract, winning the title for the first time in his NBA career, being a difficult but easy player to coach and more.

Diaw on his new deal with the Spurs:

Obviously, it was my number one option. But I would not return on any condition. I think they also wanted to keep me (smile). We had to find a common ground. After the fact we won the NBA title there is something. Otherwise, I do not know what direction the Spurs could have taken. We were not the youngest team in the league, so you would think they would want to rejuvenate and start fresh on different positions. I am one of the oldest at 32 years. I suspected they would make it a priority to offer me a rather short contract that some players are out of contract in a year (Editor’s note: Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili), while I was looking for something more on the length. In the end, we found a common ground and like what they offered me it was rather interesting. I did not have to wait for the other teams know what to do with LeBron James (laughs). We found a happy medium. It was useless to wait for the other teams because I feel good in San Antonio.

On trying to repeat as NBA champs next season:

That’s it. This is also why I think the priority for San Antonio was again to go with the same group. When you have a group that works well, it takes the same and starts again! Anyway, it’s the same ambition every year in San Antonio. The only difference is that the Spurs have never won two consecutive titles. It is time to change things up a bit (laughs).

On celebrating his first NBA title:

There had already been all the celebrations in San Antonio. I spent the whole week that followed and there was the parade three days after the title. I partied for a week. It took at least (laughs). It was also decompress because it was non-stop for a while.

Still, after the week in San Antonio, I took ten days holiday in Martinique, alone. Relax, cut off from the world, to decompress. In San Antonio, it was because it was the festivities, all teammates were there, we partied together, there was the walkabouts, congratulations in every way … it is very pleasant to live it. The parade was something awesome! But it was after disconnecting, ten days alone in Martinique. My friend Ronny Turiaf joined me the last two days.

On when the team realized it could win the NBA title during the regular season:

We were so looking for perfection throughout the season it is difficult to answer. But still, towards the end of the regular season, we were back in front of Oklahoma City at the top of the Western Conference. We seemed to play more moderately, with a spate of injuries. We wondered how we could be first in these conditions. This is where we said: “Maybe the other teams are not so strong” (smiles).

On being a difficult but easy player to coach:

That’s it. I am both easy and difficult to coach. Easy, because you can put me anywhere, I have some versatility and I can do lots of different things. After, we will have to know to use me in those conditions and make me do things (laughs). As has sometimes asked me, you can not use me as a setter of screens, I come back in defense, I do not touch the ball and that’s all. It happened in my career (laughs). But you can also use me otherwise. After that, I will not force the game I’d be asked in this particular system. I’m not going to take the ball and start playing one-against-one in every way if you do not ask me. It is sometimes some-thing that could harm me, not to force things in that sense. That is why I am a little hitched this year. Not falling overboard either. But a little. To show that we could rely on me.

What say you Spurs fans? Thoughts on the return of Diaw and will he be enough to get the Spurs another NBA title?