David Robinson: Dirk Nowitzki is ‘clearly the best international player ever’

The San Antonio Spurs have two of the best international players ever to play in the NBA – Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Their impact on the league, and accomplishments in the NBA truly make the two a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. They are also considered two of the best international players to ever grace an NBA court.

But former Spurs legend David Robinson thinks otherwise and feels Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki is heads above Parker, Ginobili and any other international player to play in the NBA.

“There is probably no international player that has brought to the game what he’s brought to the game,” Robinson said. “He has a sustained level of excellence, and really from the first time he came in the league he showed what he can do and has never backed down and he seems like he still hasn’t slowed down.

“Even after all these years he’s still putting up ridiculous numbers. He’s clearly the best international player ever.”

Look who am I to argue with an NBA legend but comparing Manu and Tony’s NBA resume to Dirk’s, maybe Robinson is wrong.

Parker and Ginobili have three NBA titles to Nowitzki’s one. They have more sustained postseason success while Dirk has had more postseason disappointment. Recall the Mavs first round loss to the Warriors in 2007.

And last I checked, Parker and Ginobili are still putting up solid numbers and are not the type of players to back down just like Dirk.

For Robinson to say Dirk is “clearly” the best international player ever might be pushing it a bit in my humble opinion.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Do you agree with “The Admiral”?