Danny Green: ‘Popovich believes he should have played in the NBA’

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is arguably the best coach in the NBA. He makes role players key pieces, is a three-time NBA Coach of the Year winner, has guided the Spurs to five NBA titles, and knows how to get the best out of players who come into his system.

However, Pop never played in the NBA, and according to Spurs guard Danny Green, Pop believes he should have played in the NBA.

“He believes he should have played in the NBA. He should have made a team. He was pretty good himself.”

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This begs the question – how good could Pop have been as a player?

While playing for the Air Force Academy, during his senior year he was the team captain and the leading scorer. He was on the 1960 Gary Biddy Basketball All-Star Team which finished third in the World Tournament.

And at 6’2″, he would have been a solid point guard given his mind for the game and high basketball IQ. He probably wouldn’t be making highlight-worthy plays, but he’d figure a way for the team to win.

More than likely, he would have been a very vocal leader, and listened to his head coach intently, considering he has a background in the military and would have followed directions to the letter.

I can see him in the guard mold like of John Stockton.

What do you say Spurs fans?